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and they say they're treated accordingly oh no that's not. right that's the scariest unbelievable unbelievable i think. for. no. trying to suppress any form of dissent. or disagreement with their policies which is hardly democratic and they just trying to prevent us from tree speech basically. we have a right to free to free speech we have a right to peaceful protest and they're doing everything they can to suppress it. fracking is a method of gas eg struction where a high pressure mixture of water and chemicals is pumped into rock so release gas
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is considered by many environmental groups to be dangerous as the chemicals used in the process are likely to contaminate both the soil and groundwater have also been claims of fracking induced earthquakes and tremors well those fighting for the extraction method to be banned are categorized as domestic extremists that's how they're included in the framework of the british counterterrorism program known as prevent and protestors are being monitored by anti terror agencies and to fracking activist areas of core believes government was sources are being diverted from the real threats. it puts a lot of question. the integrity of the police and the. investigations into terrorism as a whole i mean are they supposed to be fighting terrorists or are they spoiling on
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every grandmother up and down the country who doesn't want fracking on her doorstep i mean the. definition of this domestic. is defined by the idea that they are not just prepared for you to demonstrate their human rights by protesting it's about crossing that line from process testing into violating. the actual facts all during these fracking protests the only violence so phone has been committed by both the security companies working for the fracking companies and the police themselves. washington's relations with pakistan have taken a downturn after it was believed the u.s. had reached an agreement for the release of a doctor who helped the cia track a son a bin ladin however he remains in prison and islamabad say no such deal exists
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r.t.s. american tells us more. the pakistani doctor who helped the cia track down and kill the world's most wanted terrorist osama bin ladin is still in prison two years after this promise from donald trump do you think you can get the darker out yes i do i think i would get him out in two minutes i would tell them let him out and i'm sure they'd let him out in may two thousand and twelve shaquille afraid he was sentenced to thirty three years behind bars. jobs. in. two thousand and eleven for being go money to the militants of that. and he was assisting in medical
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term that he was making some arrangements for their meeting in is a hospital i met him in two thousand in june and he said that i am innocent and the charges they are totally illegal but last week his family were given a glimmer of hope there are reports that a possible deal to secure his release after he was apparently moved to a secure location because of threats to his life but according to the pakistani foreign ministry none of that's true i'm not aware of the new deal regarding dock to secure a pretty on behalf of the ministry of foreign affairs i can assure you that he's not being handed over to the u.s. it's an issue that u.s. officials often bring up but given the frosty relationship between washington and islamabad over counterterrorism and other disputes there's still no sign of a resolution for shaquille afridi we spoke to the editor of defense and foreign affairs magazine quackery copely who thinks that doctor to kill a free day is
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a victim of the cia's misleading tactics. the cia itself rather than the us government is the one which is most embarrassment and varies by the imprisonment of dr afridi because literally dr afridi is a victim of the of the reality that the cia absolutely misled the pakistan into services and diligence in the hunt for bin lot they told the i.s.i. one thing because they didn't trust the i.s.i. and then went about literally embarrassing i.s.i. by securing a different path to finding. some of bin laden as a result the pakistani government was quite justifiably offended by this lack of trust between our eyes and that the cia had done this without involving either side. and i can military forces in the african nation of djibouti are
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coming on the attack from blinding chinese leis this now is according to the pentagon the danger is apparently so high that the military has sent out an urgent notice of extreme caution. this activity trysts threat to our air. we have formally to march. and we've changed it's it's a serious matter and so we're taking various years now chinese military observers say that the beams could be used simply to scare birds off of the airfield or to disrupt the activities of spider oh and they also point out that china is a signatory of the protocol on blinding laser weapons which outlaws the use of equipment that could cause permanent blindness this is china's only overseas military base located in the african country of djibouti just a few kilometers away from a very strategic u.s. military base now you can bet with two key military setups so close together the
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two geo political rivals are looking for any possible secret info they can get from each other they've even admitted as much we have taken we are taking significant steps on the counter-intelligence side so that we have all the defenses that we need there's no doubt about that that's general wald hauser the top commander of u.s. military forces in africa now the u.s. military is all over the continent engaging in anti terror operations flying drones propping up aligned governments but while the houser admits that china is doing something in africa that the usa is not doing very well investing look we'll never outspend the chinese on the continent and that's i guess the point i was trying to make china has been an effort on the african continent for quite some time but we as a combatant command have not dealt with it in terms of a strategic interest and we're in the we're taking baby steps in that regard africa as part of china's one belt one road initiative a twenty first century silk road of sorts enabling countries to trade with each
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other china has set up a t.v. project for rural africans they've built all kinds of railroad and sharing economic access to remote parts of the continent and among english speaking africans what country. do they want to study in the u.s. or the u.k. nope it's the people's republic of china yes the usa certainly has the upper hand in africa when it comes to flying drones or deploying troops when it comes to something else winning the trust and friendship of the african people china is way far ahead they look up and archie new york well the u.s. state department mocked world press freedom day by touching on a number of issues and avoiding we've got more on that after the show break stay with us.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy from day shouldn't let it be an arms race is on off and spearing dramatic development is only going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. with more make its manufacture consent to stick to public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. with the famous. be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick.
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welcome back speaking on world press freedom day the us state department spokeswoman highlighted journalists who had lost their lives while working but seemingly ignored palestinians covering the protests on the gaza border and it raised a few questions. we urge accountability for the murder of journalists in malta mexico russia and slovakia and the apparent assassination of a b.b.c. passionate reporter in afghanistan on monday would you also condemn the recent deaths of journalists and also in the gaza strip i don't have and i don't have all the details of the investigation but i will say you know we always are saddened by the loss of life and that israel does have a right to defend itself. last month two palestinian journalists were killed by israeli defense forces while reporting on protests in gaza and both were reportedly
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shot with a live ammunition while wearing vests and helmets identifying them as members of the press the u.s. state department is theys the instancing gaza should be investigated by israel however washington has taken a different approach on the recent investigation into the alleged chemical attack in syria when the us launched air strikes on the country before any official probe protect emplaced journalist david lindorff believes the u.s. is acting with double standards the united states is really using doubletalk here they they know that the israelis targeted these journalists they were wearing press written across both sides front and back and they were reporting on a peaceful protest and the shooting of unarmed citizens and the israelis didn't want the reports out so they killed the poor of the reporters it was not self-defense of israel these killings of palestinian journalists was deliberate and
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the u.s. won't condemn it it's a total double standard. a special day in the russian calendar is fast approaching has the country prepares to celebrate victory day on may ninth r.t. joined present day forces in russia for the rehearsals of the annual military parade to mark the end of world war two it goes down of reports. still not feel a. little. bit right. but everything yet they are trying to make you feel better. and these people why this year's minutes a day parade is nothing like any other before these i'm
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a personnel carrier. for the first time and we are going to ride one of. practice makes perfect they say seemingly simple maneuvers like this one still being told that simple one there are dozens of vehicles involved and they all have to be in sync that's why moscow's main streets have been told for these beasts to refine them a new. this a.p.c. is designed to absorb explosive damage from landmines and it's all will deflect even piercing rounds now it's not the only vehicle to be making the first show at this year's parade so let me give you
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a tour. these unmanned drones will be shown to the public officially for the first time at the parade there were initially being designed as a purely reconnaissance aircraft but now they can carry bombs to. elicit missiles have become in this. part of any victory day parade in moscow and this one is no exception. and finally how about this terminators on the red square no this is not a plot over you hollywood blockbuster but rather this tank support unit it will also be for the first time featured a parade on the red square so now this is of course is just to me a taste of what to expect at the actual parade to do human on the ninth of may and have
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a look yourself what these guys have prepared for you. and iraq a man who became famous for throwing his shoe then u.s. president george w. bush is about to embark on a political career of his own. as lady is running for iraqi parliament in next week's election having returned to his country two months ago and it's a decade on since former president bush touted the u.s. invasion of iraq to crowds in baghdad but. one tied to al zaidi was a t.v. journalist at the time after his stunt he was arrested and convicted for assault on a foreign leader he was sentenced to three years in prison but released after nine months so id then moved to lebanon and set up a humanitarian organization to help iraqi war victims for his stunt he became a hero for many iraqis and coincidentally so did his shoe after separation from it
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so night quickly became a symbol of protest for his release from jail but company making the shoe even renamed the model as by by bush and it was briefly honored with a bronze statue at an iraqi orphanage we spoke to muntadhar al zaidi about the incident and his political ambitions. what i enjoy about that i think what happened was this i was arrested along with my brother we were left in solitary confinement for three days we were only released after i went on hunger strike without water for three days i told them i'd rather die than stay in prison they broke my teeth my nose my leg they electrocuted me whipped me they even broke a table or a chair over my back i don't know as i was blindfolded but this was something i've never experienced before and the torture by the authorities by the rule of law
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could. but i'm not going to look at what the bill got a month i thought i had to change the miserable state of affairs in iraq i did not consult anyone it was a personal decision that i took after a long deliberation the george bush incident is in the past it's history now history remember that when the americans invaded iraq and some iraqis are on their side but others beat them with shoes but i did not and will not exploit this incident there are people who have been putting up posters on the street showing me throwing a shoe it george bush that most of these have been taken down and i reject them because this is not part of my campaign to hold and although as i say your comments and thoughts on our stories so do get in touch by following us unsocial media on the back with all the latest headlines and about about thirty minutes i'll tell you that.
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a little less silly to think that i'm as i just said looking for fulfill some fantasy that i think it is that my. one loves that i sat next to the markets and i think a lot of analysis like. there was. a lot of the. book is like.
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three of those. he's. the going to. have to get. in there i don't. know how she. is going to be the first admission from the.
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not. the what do i do i'm going to the senate i know not that i'm a. hello and welcome to cross talk or all things considered i'm peter lavelle after sixty eight years the two koreas are on the verge of signing a peace treaty a donald trump summit is in the works is peace coming to the korean peninsula well
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it's possible the foreign policy blog. in the corporatist media are less enthusiastic after all conflict is very business model. crosstalk in the korean peninsula i'm joined by my guest washington he's a senior fellow at the institute for china america studies also in washington we have john merrow he is former chief of the north east asia division of the bureau of intelligence and research at the u.s. state department as well as author of korea the peninsular origins of the war and in new york we cross to daniel lazhar he is an author and freelance journalist who writes frequently about the middle east eastern europe and the us constitution right gentlemen cross-like rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciated let me go to you first in washington if you look at the mainstream media and particularly the cable stations all the focus on the korean
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peninsula is directed towards this summit that trumper may have with the north korean leader but really i think it's much more important happening this week and if the two koreas coming together how does this change the situation on the peninsula if north korea and south korea can find some kind of meaningful and let me stress meaningful reproach moment go ahead in washington. let me in response to your question laid out right over here that there are real credit for the situation the opportunity that we have today is because of president mungy in south korea you know if we had a the same or a conservative south korean government in place today what would have happened is kim jong un would have gone through with his condense testing schedule and then after that he would have gone straight into his bunker emerging from time to time with grave threats and snarly gnarly threats to blow everything up the fact of the
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matter is that. is the person who has been able to tease kim jong il kim jong un out into the sunshine and has an open and shown him a pathway to global integration and as well as not south reconciliation. in the south korean progress of government hasn't led this process for reconsideration which has dramatically altered the dynamics on the on the korean peninsula of course the olympics also have helped and therefore it is north and south they extend that they leave the process that they would have dragged the other parties along including the united states credit allies with the peninsula parties ok john let me go to you more or less the same question here because the dynamic changes considerably if there is a peace between the two koreas after sixty eight years they start coming to some kind of defense and security measures that both can accept then regime change as it
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were that we hear so many people talking about in in the washington foreign policy blob that kind of is taken off the table because that would not be in south korea's interests go ahead john in washington. right peter well i think i think you overstated it a little bit i do give president moon a lot of credit but i think the main credit i never thought i would say that i know obviously belongs to donald trump i know you're going to face. this this this this is this is the man who said he wanted nothing more than to sit down and have a hamburger with kim jong un and looks like he's going to get his chance right now there apparently still cia people liaison people behind in pyongyang at least according to the south korean media and people are hard at work and mr pump aoe is the guy that's been running this. formerly from his post
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as cia director but hopefully in a few days as secretary of state so i think i would agree the president deserves a lot of credit and certainly with a progressive government a lot of things are possible that weren't underpass can conservative regimes but i think we have to give president trump his do as well and i just i just hope things go ok it's tops in topsy turvy world exactly and you know and i'm very happy that this process is going on let me go to daniel i don't care who gets the credit i think that is really low on the hierarchy a bit of an important see are getting peace on that peninsula where you have the most heavily armed border in the world after sixty eight years he considerable american military presence is there and the chinese have come in and in ways that i think we'll find out in the future they were very constructive here it's the result that counts most importantly go ahead daniel well. let me speak up for ken jiang on
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and i think it's played his cards extremely well. is not in the door a political endorsement of him by any means but he is the very smart yap player yet and he has done. very good job. he's you know he's the kind of you know seize control of the opening seize the opening that that trump corded him and has really run of the i think it's a it's a pretty impressive performance ok let's go back to washington. and i think what's really important here i mean it's good to get down to really the details here because we have a do you need arise south korea i'm sorry korean peninsula means north and south so that means that american nukes would not be allowed there i mean this is the kind of opening that i think the north korean leader was looking for he's looking for a grand bargain and you know what folks he's been asking for a grand bargain for a while and i think he had to go through all of the theatrical of the missiles and
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the launches and you know all of the heated rhetoric back and forth this was the opening that he was looking for and it was the south korean leader that opened the door and we got a nod from donald trump i mean we'll find out where it goes so you know it really gets down to the details of what that means because we know all along north korea wants security guarantees maybe russia and china can be guarin tours of that go ahead sort of been in washington. absolutely correct on that i mean the devil is in the details in terms of how do you go about staging nuclear solution in terms of how that process works out the mechanics of that process but you're absolutely correct on that point with regard to denuclearize the nuclearization that it is not just a north korean of it needs to be a peninsula affair let me throw out a useful principle which might be useful. both in terms of denuclearization as well as in reduction of conventional forces in terms on the peninsula and in terms of
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the hostilities that are there in terms of denuclearization we're talking of course complete verifiable irreversible nuclearization of north korea they can have a civil nuclear program which. civil nuclear program which will be very intrusively watched over by the i.a.e.a. full scope see if guards etc etc but what that means for south korea is that of course they have this civil of very extensive civil nuclear program but there will be no strategic forces on their territory and they want to even be an extended deterrent to south korea provided by the us so long as there is complete nuclearization of the north now the parallel fact which north and south korea frankly need to work out because the nuclearization is a sensually a topic of discussion between north korea and the united states with regard to conventional forces what the disposition of the end of the day needs to be that the
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peninsula is is kind of insulated from the larger the geopolitics off the north east asia south the south korea has already shown that it is not not terribly interested in getting into things like a regional ballistic missile shield well it's not interesting i'm going to eilat for a line we're going to final we're going to find actually let's yeah we're going to find out just how far the pentagon wants to go along with it john let me go to you because if you get if you look at the mainstream media and the punditry that we are bombarded with all of the time and the mainstream media is really not on board here is it just because they don't want to see succeed at anything or in the military industrial complex i mean south korea in there and that region of the world is a nice. trough for arms in the u.s. as a vast military establishment there that needs to be paid for i mean is it a combination of these things here and go ahead john in washington. well you know i
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peter i don't know that's that's that's kind of hard to say what i will say is this i think what has happened is that we have now gotten a de facto freeze for freeze this was the proposal you have that was made by moscow and beijing years ago and i wrote on this subject about a year and a half ago and i got excoriated yeah for saying that but this is what it is this is what is now de facto in place and so this is this is a big deal it is you know the u.s. the u.s. military exercises this year the joint us are ok exercises are a shadow of their former self last year we had three aircraft carrier battle groups participating this year it's one small aircraft it's really an assault ship with short takeoff and landing jade third.


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